Welcome to Lost and Found

The application that brings the age old lost property box into the modern foreground! An easy and simple way to check what’s sitting in your lost property at your school from anywhere.
This application has been designed to be simple, yet effective for schools where a lost property area has been designated. This app allows everyone who is registered with their school to have access to:
  • View what is in your lost property, here you can see what items have been handed in lost property and waiting to be claimed by their owner.
  • Submit an item you may have lost for better exposure, so it may be found.
  • Submit an item you may have found and handed to lost property.
  • Notifications of found items are instantly sent to the student (and the student's parents, if registered) to claim.
  • Individual QR codes are generated for each user for identification. These QR codes serve as item labels and are optional.
  • History and status of your lost and found items for the
  • current year.
You only have access to your own school where you are registered, therefore keeping lost and found boxes private and secure.
Parents with children at multiple schools can have easy access to those school profiles where they registered.
Schools need register first on our website www.whatsatschool.com, here they can personalise their profile and items. Schools will have access to a range of useful reports via the website relating to lost and found activities.
The purpose of this app is to help people at any time, instantly find their lost items without worry where it could be. Saving time and money, creating a stress-free environment.
We hope you enjoy the use of this application and that it fulfils its intended purpose.

Your school needs to register first.
You can then have access to their app profile. Once registered they will send you a school code or register you themselves.

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