Every school has their own private profile on the app where students, parents and staff can log in. Only if you have been given a code or pre registered can you have access.

First step to get started is that your school needs to be registered here, its a very simple process and admin will have instant access to the website.

Only admin can view your schools website profile, all your school's community will have access to the app after their registration. Admin may restrict access on demand.

Once your community has downloaded the app they can start using the functionality. Depending on your schools management preference, they could view or capture lost and found items.
Depending on age or preference, parents can be linked to their children’s profile.

It really is an efficient system, being able to see everything lying in lost property or receiving notifications when your items are found.
Our system is family friendly, privacy as well as child protection is a top priority for us, something we will never compromise on.

Please view our privacy policy for any concerns.

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